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dare is a production service based in Cape Town, South Africa that is driven by the philosophies of radical transparency and radical collaboration. 

we are content-focused.

we’ve developed an approach that allows us to prioritize content quality and to optimize limited budgets - a rare skill and one that we like to flex. our portfolio speaks to the effectiveness of this approach.

we don't represent directors.

rather than representing directors, we collaborate with young directors, whether freelance or represented, to provide avenues for them to showcase their talents through building reels. content work becomes a valuable tool in this context, serving as a stepping stone for these young directors to develop their unique style and establish their presence in the industry.

we do stills too.

we’re not limited to one discipline. we started out doing stills and therefore our team possesses a deep understanding of photography and the nuances required to execute on stills briefs. we have a vast network of photographers skilled in diverse domains, spanning advertising, product, lifestyle, fashion, and interiors. 

we are radically transparent.

this means we share our recon at the conclusion of each project with the client/agency. why do we do this? to build trust. to keep ourselves accountable. to be realistic. we firmly believe that it is essential for achieving the highest level of quality and integrity.

 what is radical transparency? 

radical transparency refers to being completely open and honest about the true costs and total savings involved in the production of content.

we believe that when everyone is aware of the costs involved in a project, they are better able to make informed decisions and work together more effectively.


for example, if a production team knows exactly how much money they have to work with and where money is being saved, they can make more informed decisions about how to allocate savings in the most effective way possible to increase production value.

in addition to increasing production value, radical transparency can also help build trust and enforce accountability between production companies, suppliers, crew, agencies and clients.


by being completely open and honest about true costs and total savings, you can be confident that there are no hidden costs or ulterior motives involved in the production process.

overall, the concept of radical transparency is designed to create a more open and collaborative production process.

this helps us build a more accountable and fair industry.

at dare, we don't believe in exclusive representation. we don't represent directors, photographers, or cinematographers.


we strive to push boundaries in order to create an industry where creatives can work with whoever they want, whenever they want. no strings attached.

for every project dare taps into its diverse network of creatives to assemble the best possible team based on a project's scope, budget, timeline and location. 


radical collaboration promotes the freedom of creatives working together to bring their unique perspectives and expertise to a project to produce the best possible content.


radical collaboration drives creativity, competition, innovation, quality and fair compensation whilst creating more opportunities for new talent to emerge.

 what is radical collaboration? 


Dare Content Studio delivers radical transparency to the production industry

Dare Content is a production studio working directly with agencies to produce film, stills and animation. Launched in 2020 by Creative Producer Chris Coetsee, Dare already has the proven success to back their transparent budget approach to production. With no in-house roster of talent, Chris curates a team that he believes is best suited to each brief and at the heart of his company is what Chris calls ‘radical transparency.’

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